Ayrex – review and feedback on the innovative binary options broker

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Ayrex – review and feedback on the innovative binary options broker

✅ This Trading Platform is available in Russia

Overview of leading trading platforms: Ayrex

Trade in assets on specialized sites for many users of the World Wide Web has become a good additional (and sometimes, the main) source of profit. This fact explains the reason for the steady growth in the popularity of leading trading platforms. A special interest of users is the Ayrex trading platform, which some traders call a promising resource, while others openly declare that this is a common fraudulent scheme. Who is the represented broker, who, in a short period of time, managed to win such a contradictory reputation?

Ayrex: review and evaluation of the broker’s activities

The choice of a trading platform for financial transactions for profit is a complicated procedure requiring detailed study of the factors on the basis of which the trader decides whether to trust the broker with his capital or better continue searching for a trading platform with more favorable offers and safe cooperation conditions. One of the main indicators in such situations is the reputation of the trading platform and the company that owns the web resource.

Scammers or the victim of “black” PR?

The testimonials of experienced users and well-reasoned fraud charges that can be found on thematic sites / forums give an opportunity for a beginner trader to save money and independently study the scheme of work of scammers. But there are situations when the charges are the result of the work of competitors or users who have violated contractual obligations and have lost the opportunity to work on this platform.

Analyzing the activity of the Ayrex site, whose review includes the opinions of real traders about this resource, there arises a quite natural question: how can a fraudster deceive his clients with impunity for 4 years? Let’s leave the question open, time will definitely show who was right.

General information

The site was founded in 2020 (managing company / legal entity – Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd), registered in a small country in the Caribbean: Saint Kitts and Nevis. If you study about Ayrex user reviews that do not blame the web resource for fraud, you can find a lot of evidence that the platform belongs to the category of leaders in terms of technical parameters and functionality among the most famous, to date, brokers.

To start working on this platform, it is enough to open an account (providing general personal information) and replenish it with $ 5 / euro (the same amount is the minimum for withdrawal). A convenient trading platform interface allows you to quickly find the information you need and conduct transactions of interest to the trader. Platform users can earn not only on currency pairs, but also on stock indexes, stocks, other liquid assets, that is, using Ayrex CFD can profit by working in a sector that corresponds to the interests, knowledge and financial capabilities of the user.

Algorithm of work on the trading platform Ayrex

After registering on the platform in question and opening an account, beginning traders can use the training materials presented on the site to at least navigate the terminology. To test their knowledge and potential capabilities of this web resource, experienced traders recommend working with a free demo account.

On the Ayrex Forex trading platform, tangible assets and shares of large companies are of great interest to experienced traders, but this does not mean that the new user should follow the same strategy of behavior.

How to replenish the account and withdraw the earned money

To replenish the account on the submitted platform, you can use:

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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1. bank transfer;

2. electronic payment systems;

3. bank cards (debit / credit).

The withdrawal of the earned funds is carried out according to a similar scheme. One of the main drawbacks of the presented trading platform is the long period of time necessary to transfer money from the trader’s account to his card / electronic wallet (sometimes this simple procedure is carried out for 10 days!). Perhaps, this shortcoming of the creators of the platform has caused negative feedback from Ayrex customers.

The types of binary options provided

Experienced users of the Ayrex platform distinguish the following variants of binary options:

● Higher lower. In this case, the user must specify the upper / lower cost of the selected asset, which will be established after the opening of the transaction. Among experienced traders this type of options is very popular.

● One touch. The trader sets the value of the underlying asset, hoping to make money on changes in the value of the selected resource.

● Minute transactions. A very risky option, which is designed to change the value of assets based on short-term forecasts of price fluctuations.

● Barrier option. The trader sets a certain level of the value of the asset, in anticipation that its price will reach the desired value.

Customer Support

One of the positive factors in the activity of this platform is the qualified help / support of the clients of the broker. During working hours, five days a week, each user can use the services of a support group. For these purposes, there are telephone, e-mail, and online chat.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the main “advantages” of the platform in question, it is necessary to distinguish the following:

● a wide range of teaching materials;

● High level of user protection;

● An adequate support service;

● availability of bonuses;

● application of modern technologies;

● Despite the fact that for Ayrex, the crypto currency is not a priority, the company can enter the market at any time.

The main disadvantage of the presented company and its web resource is a fairly large number of negative reviews on the network. Having dealt with this issue, you can safely claim the leading position in the category of sites that specialize in binary options.

Ayrex – review and feedback on the innovative binary options broker

“Ayrex offer an amazing platform which contains everything in front of you. It is easy, clear and fast. You can trade on 30 seconds which rarely exists in other brokers. You can try trading with Ayrex on demo for free, moreover you can win real funds by participating in the contest.”

“An original trading platform for the binary options industry, award-winning Ayrex have proven that proprietary software can be unique and perform excellently in this market. A truly superb trading platform!”

“The company’s mission is to provide customers with the best trading environment possible, free of any hidden charges, misleading terms and unfair treatment. The company strives to build trusting long-term relationships with its clients and become a #1 binary options broker choice.”

“Customer service is available via live chat and phone Monday through Friday. The company offers great support that is helpful and won’t push you to make deposits for big bonuses.”

“Some of the most important criteria here are presumably the following: global coverage, market share and market leadership, quality of management, financial strength and potential, service and security, platforms and technologies applied, level of regulation.”

“We’ve never seen a team of developers more dedicated to creating the best trading environment possible.”

“The platform is equipped with tools and functionality, including analytical materials, such economic calendar and daily forex review proving the most up-to-date financial market data.”

“Ayrex took the binary options trading world by storm with their custom made platform and a truly devoted customer service.”

Ayrex.com Review Visit site

Live discussion

Join live discussion of Ayrex.com on our forum

Ayrex.com profile provided by AyrexOfficial, Aug 26, 2020

Ayrex is an innovative Binary Options Broker serving clients worldwide. Ayrex operates in full compliance with international laws and financial regulations. Ayrex platform was developed based on careful research and Ayrex team’s substantial experience in financial markets. By implementing an entirely new approach to binary options trading Ayrex gives its clients better possibilities of increasing their trading expertise and profit.

Practice is the most important aspect of learning. Practice makes perfect and we want to give our prospective and existing clients the chance to make educated decisions when it comes to trading. Our demo is absolutely free and requires no registration.

$5 minimum deposit is aimed to give traders a chance to start safe and build their way up as they master their trading strategies.

Minimum Investment: 5 EUR/USD

Minimum Withdrawal: 5 EUR/USD

Demo Account: Free, no registration, no expiry date

Early Closure available: YES (High/Low and One Touch options)

Customer Support: 24/5

Why Ayrex:

We created our own unique platform. That means that we can modify it faster and we are more flexible in terms of meeting our clients’ needs. We are constantly brainstorming on what we can improve and what we can offer to our clients.

Instant deal execution, no bugs, no platform freeze. A team of IT professionals works every day to ensure outstanding platform performance. One click trading is implemented for all the deals.


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Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided.

Your feedback matters!

Consumer Reviews

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Service use: Demo

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I logged in before few minutes ‘ and saw a big ‘ upspike and downspike in EUR/DOLLAR ‘ i’ve done a screenshot ‘ with admiral markets chart side by side ‘ . . . but there is not such a 1Minute Candle ‘ after i log back in ‘ the chart seems to be normal again ‘ . . . something is wrong here.

Skrill no more available for Ayrex for deposits (or withdrawals)

I have traded many years with ayrex,

i have tryd so many times to invest 1000+ euro in one single trade, but every time he say instrument not availible, And every trade i have missed itm,

I cant play bigger than 250 euro, Every time i spoke to someone on chat they say it is not availible try later againg, but no mather ho many times and weeks monts i tryd i cant trade big size.

And no touche option is verry bad, when price move verry slow, no touch option is disable,

And when charts is moving verry fast Touch option is imediatly disabled,

This means There is no interes for winning clients,

Please Check by your self, Dissable no touch when price dont move,
touch option disabled when price move fast. Then you can understand this broker!

And when we get a ban on binary option in europe,
Ayrex has no concurenties anymore, And they become more greedy, and dropped returns to under 78 % average 75%

This means your change on long term is decrease more and more,

I have made money whit this broker,and have withdraw a lot of more than i have deposit,

But i dont like when there is no insturments availible when i try 250 euro and more invest, never ever have the change to invest more ,, i have tryd somany times to invest 1000 / 1700 euro single trader but never ever happened,
Every time i contact chat, they says sorry try later againg ,, PFFF realy buls*** i have tryd years. day in day out. Why lieeee .

Maybe i made money on this broker, they wil reduce my bets.

but thanks for the withdrawals,

Jul 18, 2020 – 3 Stars Hello ayrex, i do have a few questions,

You said we get paid for orders that opened and closed,by costumers
And you mean, your company do not have interess in lossing clients,

But i think , You get comission for letting lossing people, You get 2 comissions,
A comission from opened closed orders, And comissions from letting your costumers losse their money, i see no other way than this. Becouse The following Things

One touch is 15/30 pips Thats a distance of 3/4 times bigger of 15 minute candle sticks and no touche is max 4 points, If Market goes crazy, why is one touch shut down. Becouse there is high probability of making money.

And why Is return it same for no touch and one touch, whit One touch It is a mirracle if you can make money. Why return is it same,

And why with no touch Some times if i buy why distance wil decrease ? i have this so many times, That i can not think other way,

If one trader losse and if what they loose goes to other trader, What is your interesse to make it soooo difficult to trade. But i think there is someone Behind Brokers,Who want make it so Damn Difficult , Becouse Not al of the money from 95% of traders goes to 5% Most of the money Goes to banks. And becouse of that They make it sooo Damn difficult and unfair. I now That Brokers Lie a lot of thimes.

Broker x say if i have freezing orders or not accept orders that my connection problem is a problem,, But ayrex can always work supper fast,

But what ayrex cant Can do another broker, But clients always The problem of every problem.
Can you explain my , if you dont have interesse in lossing clients, Why this system is so unfair. Why ?

Reply by Ayrex.Official submitted Jul 31, 2020 Hi Zulumaster,

Thank you for your questions! We’ll be delighted to answer it below:

– Binary options trader gets the return rate from all the correctly predicted trades. Since we would rather work with the constant clients, losing isn’t our goal. On the other hand, a company receives a profit from the number of trades opened on the platform, so the more you trade, the better for a broker.

– All quotes are calculated by the formula (BID+ASK)/2, which helps to reduce the spread as much as possible. One Touch option can be unavailable sometimes due to the current market situation, but the rest of options remain open for trade according to its trading schedule.

– Return rates are set by the system and differ during a day for every type of option. If you’re not sure how to trade on One Touch option, please, check our Education materials on the official website, binary options forums (f.e., FPA), etc.

– We work in full accordance with our Terms and Conditions under the international business license reg. no: C44622 and currently in the process of getting CySEC regulation. If you have any serious doubts about our services, we’ll be glad to assist you via our official channels, such as [email protected], for instance.

– Unfortunately, we can not help you with such a philosophical question as fairness of binary options or any other trading, but we will be more than happy to assist you with any questions about Ayrex itself.

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