Review Is Bitcoin Profit Legit or Scam

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Bitcoin Profit Review, Lose Money On BTC Profit SCAM! [Avoid]

Bitcoin Profit (BTC Profit) Review and SCAM Investigation
The Bitcoin Profit scam software, app, and trading robot by John Mayers the fake CEO is a get-rich-quick scheme which was designed by unethical affiliate marketers and dirty offshore brokers. The purpose of this cloned system is to get you to lose your money, so the promoters and brokers can split the loot and divide the money they steal from you. This type of investment scam is referred to as a revenue or profit share scheme, and the lies about generating $436 an hour or $10,478 daily are designed to bait, trap, and victimize unsuspecting day traders and opportunity seekers (that’s you).

Severe Warning! Bitcoin Profit is not a legit trading platform, and despite its seemingly authentic look and feel it was designed to perform as a fraudulent investment app using a variety of fake data feeds and a professional looking user interface. Some second rate review sites were also recruited for this mission. Their job is to produce convincing reviews and trick customers into joining this worthless program under false pretenses. They do so by appealing to their victims when they are most vulnerable, and of course that is when they are stressed for cash. It has also come to our attention that a massive SPAM email marketing campaign has been launched in order to promote the Bitcoin Profit scam. So if you have received any form of email communication with spammy affiliate links inside, please DO NOT click on any links and mark the message as SPAM. We have also received complaints about viruses and Trojan Horses infecting work terminals and hand-held devices with malware and spyware. Keep reading our detailed and informative Bitcoin Profit review, and find out how we exposed the cheating charlatans behind this software and shed light on their misdoings.

Update: Bitcoin Profit is being relaunched as Profit Bitcoin (notice the similarities). Scammers do that to confuse their victims and make their scheme more effective. We attached an image of how it looks below as a point of reference. It’s worthwhile noting that the in the newer version there is a striking similarity to the Bitcoin Code scam as well.

Official SCAM Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM
Below you will find the login page for the Bitcoin Profits software. If you have signed up for this fake app, we implore you to refrain from funding your trading account.

Now for the actual software. On the right side (below) we are looking at the blacklisted Crypto Soft signals trading interface, and right next to it you will see the one for Bitcoin Profit. You can clearly see that we are dealing with a complete clone and replica. That is because it is a turnkey solution for affiliates and online promoters who want something that “looks and behaves” similar to a genuine trading software so that they can steal your money without arousing your suspicions.

Moving forward, here we can see some testimonials taken from the Bitcoin Profit sales presentation. The person there claims he became “stinking rich” after using the software.

Right next to it you can see that same performer selling his acting and spokesperson services for $10 on fiverr.

Who Is John Mayers?
John Mayers is being presented to us as the Lead Developer and CEO of the Bitcoin Profit program. He claims he started out as a small company with 5 employees and a good idea. “They knew they had to get into bitcoin” because it was on the rise, and since then they have been making $436 an hour every day.

Bitcoin Profit Review, Make $10,478 Daily Or SCAM?
Here comes John Mayers, the man with a plan! He’s got a secret that can make you rich, and this is your chance to get in on some serious Bitcoin action. His team of engineers and analysts are opening up a group of 100 beta testers, who will grant exclusive access to a software which generates $436 every hour for the rest of their lives. Your opportunity awaits, and that dream life-style you always wanted can finally be yours. No more financial stress and bills that keep piling up, now it’s your turn to grab your piece of the pie and become the next Bitcoin millionaire.

In reality this software is totally bogus and a complete ruse. We got tons of hype which is being amplified by the media. The testimonials are forged, and the bank account are inflated as well as photo-shopped. In short, keep your distance and hold on to your wallet.

How Does Bitcoin Profit Scam Work?
They claim it is performance based and charge 1% of the winnings or $100 a day, but this is technically impossible as all payments are wired via brokers to your bank account NOT theirs. These ripoff artists are selling you this lie because they believe it will help them sell their fake app better. They say they have a unique trading algorithm which has over 98% accuracy, and that is a lie.

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Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones which are getting the most complaints are Binary Robot 365 and Bitcoin Trader.

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Bitcoin Profit Review Conclusions and Foreseen Recommendations
The Bitcoin profit scam is without a doubt one of the most shameless pieces of trash we have ever reviewed here at Binary Scam Alerts. We are blacklisting this software and sending out a severe warning to our members and subscribers. Do NOT, under any circumstances signup for the Bitcoin Profit system by John Mayers as we have tested it and came to the inevitable realization that it is a confirmed financial scam and you can only LOSE your money if you invest. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile these days and prone to various external influencing factors, namely having to do with regulation and security-related issues. However, in it’s core it is still a viable investment avenue if you understand how to maneuver and utilize the best systems. As always, we would like to personally invite you to join our our Facebook Group , Google +, Pinterest, and YouTube Channel Review: Is Bitcoin Profit Legit or Scam?

Bitcoin Profit is a crypto robot that is coming into the forex market. The website,, provides little information on how the robot works. It uses superior technology that “is ahead of the markets by 0.01 seconds”. Vendors of the product tout it as “the most consistent trading app on the planet”.

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The laser performance of the Bitcoin Profit robot is at 99.4% accuracy. It also claims to have many accolades for its rate of delivering on its promises.

How Does Bitcoin Profit Work?

First, clients are to open accounts by registering on the page. The software is free after investors fund their accounts. Immediately after the account is funded, traders can start profiting.

Bitcoin Profit Trading Platform

There is no information on the trading platform that Bitcoin Profit Software uses. This is a black hole that should be filled for credibility. It does not use the MT4 platform. The MT4 is a user-friendly software that is popular among traders on forex.

Deposit and Withdrawals Methods

Bitcoin Profit does not offer any information on how deposits and withdrawals can be made. The minimum deposit allowed is $250. No limits are placed on the profit than can be made with this app.

This information means that clients cannot invest any little amount they can spare to be able to first watch the working of the brokerage. If then they are satisfied with what they see, they can determine if this is a legit brokerage or not.

Is Bitcoin Profit Licensed?

There is no information on the registration of Bitcoin Profit. It also shows that it is not a licensed financial body, making it impossible to regulate the transactions.


No means for contacting the customer care representative of


Bitcoin Profit holds no license. There is no trusted result of using this software. No reviews that can be verified are available online. Lack of deposit and withdrawal mediums show that it is not a professional website. Review | A Dangerous Scam Eradicated

BTCProfit ( is a fabricated cryptocurrency scam constructed with the intentions of misleading inexperienced Bitcoin investors out of their hard-earned bitcoins.

Functioning as an investment app that allegedly has won a considerable sum of awards and generates a success rate of 99.4% are just a couple of the fabricated elements of BTC Profit that we will continue to debunk as you read on.

To find out more regarding the BTCProfit scam AND why you need to avoid this scam, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

BTC Profit Red Flags

No Ownership Information

The red flag that inherits the heaviest burden of revealing the most regarding the character of BTC Profit would be in regards to their ownership information, or thereof lack of.

There is no ownership information regarding those behind or currently operating BTCProfit.

We have navigated through all the sites tabs and found in their Privacy Policy that , “BTC Profit operates the website, which provides the SERVICE.”

Essentially meaning that BTC Profit is operating as their sole entity.

We could find zero reference to BTC Profit being a corporate entity across multiple world-wide business registrars.

Why invest your money with a trading application, or any investment opportunity in this instance, when they fail to provide any verifiable ownership or contact information?

What if something were to happen to your funds, how would you recover them?

Exaggerated Success Rates

BTC Profit provides a text-book example of what you should be trying to avoid when searching for legitimate investment opportunities.

The assertions that are aggressively made at indicate to us that the creators behind this scam are desperate to line their pockets through your deception and money.

Promoting highly unrealistic income assertions with nearly perfect success rates while failing to provide ANY insight as to HOW these results are obtained is greatly evasive.

That also is failing to include the fact that these results are oftentimes just manufactured and photoshopped trading results, they are not verifiable and fail to provide entry/exit rates and more intel.

BTC Profit for example asserts that ‘BTC Profit embers typically profit a minimum of $13,000 daily.’

Then of course we have their magical success rate that is allegedly 99.4%.

No Regulation or Licensing

BTC Profit presents their platform as an automated trading app.

There are no references to any brokerages that they are connected with which when you boil it does leads us to assume that BTC Profit is implying that they are providing not only the service but the means to invest via a brokerage too.

If this is the case then BTC Profit must provide some form of documentation to verify the legitimacy of their platform.

Due to BTCProfit failing to disclose not only ownership information but any licensing or regulation information we are lead to believe that BTC Profit is not regulated.

Regulation, for those of you who may be unfamiliar with this aspect of online trading, is an aggressively enforced legitimizer and basically a requirement from governing authorities.

Since BTC Profit is operating with what appears no licensing and regulation, it means that they are rendering their investment services illegitimately and even illegally depending upon where you reside and their regulatory laws.

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Lack of Credibility

We cannot stress upon the lack of credibility as it pertains to BTC Profit.

A little recap from earlier…

BTC Profit provides no physical address, telephone number or email address.

They claim that users maker $13,000 per day on average – highly unrealistic!

Their automated system allegedly generates an unheard and unproven success rate of 99.4%.

BTC Profit does not appear regulated or licensed, nor do they appear to be affiliated with any such entities.

Ahhh, if you thought that was the end of the red flags we are sorry to disappoint.

Shared in the image below would be conclusive evidence that BTC Profit used to employ paid actors from to aggressively promote their investment services.

These fake testimonial and paid actor videos start as little as $5 and can be easily made for no more than $15 to $20.


According to SimilarWeb, reflected a global rank of 2,691,586 with a Switzerland rank of 710,609 as of January 29th, 2020.

Due to BTC Profits poor web-rankings, we believe that their site receives little to no traffic for the time being.

Is a Scam?

Given the concrete evidence that we have shared in our honest review above, we believe it is safe to classify BTC Profit as a scam.

BTC Profit Scam Review

BTC Profit is a classic example of an aggressive sales funnel meant to deceive inexperienced online investors.

Relying heavily upon unbelievably high income assertions and photoshopped video testimonials, is far from legitimate.

As we have pointed out to you, nothing really quite adds up in regards to BTC Profit.

Their blatant lack of any identifying or ownership information, their negative complaints across the web along with all the red flags we disclosed above are discoveries that irrefutably conclude that BTC Profit is a scam.

With this is mind, avoid this scam and only invest with proven investment solutions!

Verdict: BTC Profit is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share your experiences, insight and feedback below!

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