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EasyAutoTrading: Easy Auto Trading Review

Look at today I’m taking a close look at a new automated binary options trading system, Easy Auto Trading. Despite being made simple and easy, there are multiple disclaimers throughout the website contradicting this, stating that “trading with binary options involves a high degree of risk.” It’s always funny when a binary options product struggles to navigate between their marketing message, and leaving themselves liable to lawsuits.

As is often the case, there is no address for the company producing the software, and just an email contact form for traders that need to get in touch with the vendor. All systems and software rated here .

Easy Auto Trading Review

One of the first things that I notice about Easy Auto Trading website, is the fabricated awards that apparently named this product the best auto trading robot in both 2020 and 2020. Considering this is a fairly new system, it makes no sense as to how it would ever receive any of these awards. Not only that, these awards don’t even exist. I guarantee that the developers of the system wouldn’t be able to direct you to the website of these awards if you emailed them about it, via their contact form.

Trading Results

The second element that caught my attention was the trading results. One of the weird things about these results, is that you cannot actually scroll down. The results are actually an image, that includes a scrollbar, it’s not actually a table that you can look at. In this table, or screenshot it’s also quite apparent that you cannot verify any of the trades, because there are no dates included. This is extremely odd.

I’m starting to believe that the developers of the Easy Auto Trading software spent 5 minutes putting together this results image, and have been using it ever since they released the software. They do not provide any real up-to-date results, or any real results at all for that matter. If you scroll to the top of the page, and take a look at the slider, you will see that the exact same results table is pictured here. In all likelihood, this means that the developers created one trading results image and they’ve relying on it to promote the product for as long as they have.


There are a handful of testimonials on the Easy Auto Trading web-site, but none of these can be verified. Franca tells us that she’s “speechless I do not believe it yet … use for some time the robots but this seems really a masterpiece. 100 € in only two hours of trading.” There is no way to verify if there is any truth behind this claim.


There is nothing on the Easy Auto Trading sales page that convinces me this is a worthwhile investment. With that being said, I will be providing a 2 star rating. I could probably go all the way down to one star, but I feel like I’m in a giving mood. Either way, I don’t recommend that you register with this trading software, because they simply don’t provide adequate details or proof that this is a viable trading product.

I hope that my review provided you with clarity and helped you understand the exact position you should have on this trading system. Just yesterday I released my March income report , so I suggest that you check that out and see what’s working in the binary options market in 2020.

Easy Auto Trading Review: is EasyAutoTrading Scam or the Real Deal?

Easy AutoTrading: In this review we state our findings on the Easy AutoTrading software. Read before signing up, if you are thinking about using this binary software.

Disturbing things found about the Easy Auto Trading Software

We found on their website several things that are misleading and have no verifications.

Fake Badges

On there website you will several badges indicating they have won the best auto trading software in 2020 and 2020. This is however not true and those claims are not verifiable, as they are total lies.

Their testimonials also gives us more reasons to doubt. it is just the usual method we see in other scams. fake tesimonies with stock photos of people gotten from the internet. This has always been a means of decieving unsuspecting traders making them believe that a software is actually genuine when in actual sense it is not.

Even the demo account they offer is just deceptive. The results you get when using their demo account is just the opposite of what you get when you trade with your real money. They maniplate prices so that the demo account will always win trade but when you decide to trade with real money, you will discover that the software loses trades too.

However one of the pros of this software is that it is synced with regulated brokers which is nice, but that still does not mean the software works profitably.

Review Verdict

Easy Auto Trading is not a reliable software


Due to the disturbing things found about the EasyAutoTrading software, we therefore do not recommend it. We advice you use a trusted software instead.

Trading binary options could be very profitable, only if you use legitimate softwares and tools. Run away from scams, they will lose your investments and leave you devastated. Only use systems recommended by our team of professionals.

Thanks for reading our review of Easy Auto Trading software. Stay safe! Fight scammers

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