Instant Cash App Review

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Cash App Reviews

1,572 • Bad

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Write a review

Reviews 1,572

Don’t use Cash App

Cash App has my account locked for suspected fraud and they won’t unlock it. I’ve emailed so many times. I have money in my account that I want to cash out. They have no customer service, mo number to call, only an email that no one answers.

My mom said somebody from overseas or…

My mom said somebody from overseas or what ever tried to use her cash app card they hacked it but they couldn’t buy anything you can use it but not keep no money on your cash app they was trying to spend hundreds of dollars off my mom cash app but they didn’t get anything off of their because their was nothing on there she only put money on their when she is about to use it to buy something


Someone sent me money and 5 minutes later they locked my account for fraud. That was 3/30. Its now 4/4 and I’ve gotten no response from over 30 emails. I have money on my account and no way to use it. Anybody know what to do?

Cash app fraud

Cash app stole $900 from me by asking me for steam wallet cards then ebay cards, the visa gift cards all for $100 each. All for a woman who wanted to buy my aunts electric wheel chair for a florida. I fell for it because she keep begging me. I’m done now fealing ashamed. Because I need $3100 beary my aunt. Beware!

Excellent App

I have used cash app for many years and never once had a problem or theft. It has proven to be an excellent way to immediately send money to friends and loved ones. Thank you Cash App!

I just got scammed $3000

I just got scammed $3000. First they deposited and charge me without advising me $84 transactions fee then they went to my account back and took all the money back without my consent. Now my sister who orginally send me the money doesn’t have it in her account. We contacted them via email no response almost 15 days now.

Can we all complain to general attorney office to stop this scam. No consent or warning on the transaction fees and scamming people. I”m filing today to general attorney office to see if they could help.

I had a agreement between a mechanic I…

I had a agreement between an another individual paid them via cash app they will not honor any refunds for services that’s aren’t complete PayPal is the better use they protect they customers and there customers money I will never use cash app again

Bad Bad App and NO Customer Service

I would give this app 0 stars now I see why it is so low I wish I would have read the reviews before I let my family member send me money on this app, whatever you do DON’T use cash app use Zelle or some other app that has better ratings! I still can’t get the $100 that my family member sent me the money seems to have disappeared you cannot reach customer service when you call customer service it tells you to go to the app when you go to the app it only gives you a list of things you can do to try to get it off of the app. WHAT. then no way to communicate with anyone it is Awfully Awful. Arghhh 2 days still no money aavailable. But email says it was sent and received by Cash App. Thank you for the interest you are gaining on people’s money but can we have our money now.

I want to thank the help of this…

I want to thank the help of this platform in getting the professional hacker who has the best ways to assist you get your account back and also help you gain access into call log history, deleted conversations and location readings without the owner’s knowledge.
You can count on supremehacker54 gmail com who has the best ways to assist you with these services.

Worst App Ever SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

I opened this App Attached Bank and my debit card then a friend of mine sent me $60 i was asked all the whole personal Information including SSN just to accept the $60 after doing all that i was asked to Scan my Stated ID I scanned the front and I kept on trying to scan the Back for over 8 hours it kept on not scanning I’m damn tired of this Oax its a whole Craps and scum they not letting my friend get his money back and not letting me get it either I think they doing all this just to steal the money anyway i will advise everyone to stay away from this Oax App
Email is Jetupfrontterminal @ gmail

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I reported a fraude claim about forty…

I reported a fraude claim about forty days ago and I have not received my money back. Reading all the reviews, I don’t think I will ever get my money back onto my account. Cash app is only good for short term use for sending funds, not long term. I have sent over fifty emails requesting my funds be returned, but I still have not been reimbursed. Please Only Use in emergencies and not long term. You will never speak to a person and you might not get your money back when they know you been scammed.

Not dependeble nor concern about you and your needs.

We need to stop them from getting our stimulus checks. He is trying to get them to allow cash app to handle payments to american citizens. If this happens we will be prepetuating a real problem. Unethical people that pray on low income families and control your financial stabilityy. Please write anyone you can and document your problems with this company to anyone who will listen to stop them. If we do not they will soon be getting billions in taxpayer bailout money to.

I want to use this opportunity to thank…

I want to use this opportunity to thank the team of this platform for reaching out to a certified hacker who help me retrieve $750 from my locked account which was perfect when I could access my spouse’s deleted texts,call logs history and location readings without the owner’s knowledge.
You can trust janerigger175 gmail com who has the best ways to assist you with these services.

Fraud Fraud Fraud

Fraud Fraud Fraud
I just got scammed $3000. First they deposited and charge me without advising me $84 transactions fee then they went to my account back and took all the money back without my consent. Now my sister who orginally send me the money doesn’t have it in her account. We contacted them via email no response almost 15 days now. Can we all complain to general attorney office to stop this scam. No consent or warning on the transaction fees and scamming people. I”m filing today to general attorney office to see if they could help.

Cash app will never talk to any person…

Cash app will never talk to any person over the phone, You must email through support. You should report anyone that is telling you to give them access to your cash app account over the phone, the telephone number 8503085160 is a
scam and will try to get money out of your account. The scam website is attcustomerservicephonenumber.

This app sucks I used it once I sent…

This app sucks I used it once I sent $50 to someone then I had to cancel the transaction and it wouldn’t let me cancel that didn’t even give me the option so now I have $50 floating around somewhere because that person didn’t pick it up I’m assuming that cash app took the money themselves definitely a rip-off I don’t suggest anybody use it

Lol the value in some people

I was about to use this app until I saw the reviews, it’s nice to see that there are people in this world making a living off robbing others :)

Our country is in a state of emergency

Our country is in a state of emergency. Lots of people are without work, Those who are barely making it depend on every dollar and dime they get. My boss sent my funds through CashApp. They got sent to an old account that I have absolutely no access to. I contacted customer support now here it is almost 24 hours later and every bit of info plus extra info sent they say that my account can not be found but they closed the account. How can the account be closed if it can’t be found? So in other words I’ve lost my check so now I’m without not knowing when I’ll be able to work again. 70 something emails and the issue is not resolved and you can not talk to a live person. I don’t ever write reviews but people need to be aware that this is not a safe app for sending or receiving money.


Do not trust this site. They do not transfer money into your account. When I tried calling they kept hanging up and disconnected my calls. 1850-308-5160. Then they blocked my number. They were interested to find out if I was using An Apple phone or Android, which has nothing to do with anything. I only gave them the star so I could review them.

SCAM. Do not use this app.

I just joined cash apps 2 weeks ago, had friends transfer to my cash app and i tried to transfer $50 to my bank account. Transfer status is completed on cash app but money never arrives to my bank acc! No phone number or email to contact support! Yesterday i found contact suppport number in one of Trustpilot reviews and called it but only machines answer to leave a message. Just now got call from same number +18443333352 and told my money is still hold on cash app system, he needs some verificationd to settle it. Asked me to download online mobile screen sharing apps and he accessed my cash app personal details, my balance, also sign-in code by sms and I felt something isnt right when received sign-in code by sms. At the end he wanted me to change my cash PIN which i refused when im still sharing my mobile screen with him. This is not right. He just off my phone without any word and the way he talked doesnt seem a proper customer service.

I have been using Paypal since 2020 and never had an issue!

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While binary options trading is getting more and more popular each day, it is also getting more and more difficult to differentiate between the genuine automated trading robots which are designed to simplify the trading process from the scams. Especially for traders who have already been scammed once or twice, they will find it extremely to believe what many developers of binary options trading solutions are offering. To help our readers in making a more informed decision before signing for an automated trading system, we conduct an in-depth review of the automated trading systems that pop up on the market. In this review, we will take a closer look at the Instant Cash App. To find out if this trading system is a legitimate trading system or just a scam, check out our review of it.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations

  • Free Trading System
  • No information on the workings of the trading app
  • Required to sign up with unregulated brokers
  • No data to verify the success ratio

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

What is the Instant Cash App?

The Instant Cash App is said to be the creation by an entrepreneur called Mark Davis and developed by an individual by the name Stefan. According to both these individuals, the Instant Cash App trading robot has such a high winning ratio that it is able to generate as such as $2000 in daily profits. However from what we observed about the website for the Instant Cash App, we think that it is not as reliable as claimed.

The first thing that we noticed about the website for the Instant Cash App is the volume of advertisements displayed on the website. Given the fact that the website is the front portal for a company or product, we find it odd that the developers for the Instant Cash App would want to devalue the brand with advertisements rather than promote it.

Secondly, we also noted that there is very little useful information on the website about the Instant Cash App or how it works. The impression that one gets from visiting the website is that of a snake oil salesman trying to flog off a bunch of snake oil remedies.

How does it work?

The Instant Cash App is said to be able to scan the financial markets to look for profitable trades. Once a trading opportunity is identified, it will generate an appropriate trading signal to the trader. The trader can then choose to act on the signal or just ignore it. However if the automatic trading mode is on, the Instant Cash App will execute the trade automatically.

While the system is available free of charge, prospective subscribers to the Instant Cash App are required to sign up and open a live trading account with one of the recommended brokers and make an initial deposit of $250 into the trading account. It should be noted that none of the brokers recommended by the Instant Cash App is regulated and hence offers no consumer protection to any of the traders which signed up with them.

Final conclusion

Many beginner traders are drawn to trading solutions such as the Instant Cash App as it supposedly offers them a simple solution to their problems. In addition, these automated trading robots also promises high returns for users who placed their faith in the system. The fact is there is no simple solution in the online financial trading world. Most of these trading robots are basically scams which are designed to entice beginner traders to sign up with a bunch of unknown and unregulated brokers which will then take your money away. In our opinion, we believe that the Instant Cash App is such a scheme as the developers of this system is unable to furnish any proof that the system works as claimed.

Furthermore as we have mentioned earlier, you are required to deal with unregulated brokers who can anytime scam you out of your deposit of $250 simply by rigging their trading platform to make you lose all your hard earned money. Our recommendation to our readers is for them to avoid signing up with the Instant Cash App as it is most likely a scam rather than a legitimate trading solution.

Is Instant Cash App A Scam ? Review Facts !!

Read this Important Instant Cash App review before you join this Auto trader.It is extremely difficult to believe any binary options programs in a world that is full of scams. If you’ve been scammed once or twice, you won’t consider investing in any binary options systems for fear of losing money again. We understand these concerns, and in this Instant Cash App review, we don’t want to disappoint anyone by leading them to the wrong direction. We are only going to talk about a software we discovered a couple of weeks ago. It goes by the name Instant Cash App method, a system that has so far promised and delivered. We have the facts and proofs to support our opinion and everything else we shall state in this review.

Instant Cash App Review ; Not Scam – Tested

You won’t lose money with this program because its algorithm is very sophisticated and genuine. It has been reported that in the last one year, 50 members who utilized Instant Cash App software made over half a million dollars in 12 months. Today, they are looking for another bunch of 50 people to join the system for free. This means that if you sign up after the fiftieth person, you will pay an undisclosed amount of money to use the Instant Cash App method.

Secondly, the Instant Cash App system has existed for a very long time. There are records of this software being utilized in the early months of 2020. Scams don’t survive on the internet for long.They become irrelevant so quickly.

Let’s get into an in-depth overview of why this software seems to be legit.

Features of Instant Cash App System

Mark Devis promises $2,000 every single day of trading binary options using Instant Cash App program. However, he claims that if members reside in 5 specific countries which they’ve identified as most profitable, they will make double the profits, i.e. $4,000 each day.

(a) A sophisticated algorithm is the backing of this Auto Trader

The Instant Cash App system was designed to work on 100% automation. But most importantly, it was designed to identify price change triggers in the financial markets, thereby taking advantage of time lags to make trades very profitable.

It takes advantage of opportunities in just 10 seconds before anyone or any other software can utilize them. For this reason, Instant Cash App reviews has reported some amazing win rates among users. The average win rate is 93% anyway.

(b) Algorithm has a feature that targets 5 countries and still profits the rest

If you live in the United States, the UK, Australia, South Africa and the UAE, you stand a chance of making $4,000 per day.These countries hold the timing and precision of the system. The advantage doubles to 20 seconds, thus the algorithm will somehow manipulate the financial markets to make you $4k instead of $2k each day.

(c) Risk-free trading strategies included

We know that trading the financial markets come with a significant risk of losing money. However, this is only possible when you use the wrong software that relies on poor market analytics or strategies to execute trades.The Instant Cash App software uses a number of arbitrage strategies that have been proven to work several times. This way, the platform is able to work efficiently and effectively on its own.

The Advantages of using Instant Cash App signals

You won’t lose your money

It’s hard to believe this statement. However, truth must be told and supported by facts at the end of the day. You see, the fact that this Auto trader capitalizes on a patented technology that utilizes time lags means chances of losing will be very minimal. No wonder this trading robot has a success rate of 93%.

No hidden cost or fees

Unlike many other good programs that trade the financial markets successfully, this one doesn’t have any hidden costs or fees that will be charged after 30 days. It’s completely free to use Instant Cash App platform from where you are regardless of how much profit you make.

For a limited time, this program will only accept 50 members after which traders will not join. But if they do, we are not told how this will happen.The average day trader now has access to the secrets of the big financial institutions

Let’s mention the Bank of America, Indian Bank, Doha bank, Citi bank, and so on. These are among the many financial institutions that have been utilizing the same technology that Instant Cash App is relying on to generate profits.Therefore, if you get hold of the software, you will literally be going shoulder to shoulder with these financial institutions, even beating them in their own game.

Is Instant Cash App a Scam?

To this end, we can’t say that this is a scam since IT engineers behind this InstantCash App software have explained what this App does and how it manages to achieve those results. We have a man called Zhang and a woman called Stefan.These two people have been instrumental in the development of the platform. They’ve put all their knowledge into the software and even tested it for months before finally releasing it to the world. So the earlier you sign up for the Instant Cash App system, the luckier you’ll be.

Never join any Scam ,check my scam binary App’s list

The pricing

It is very possible that the minimum deposit you can make is $250. Most people search for the phrase InstantCash App scam because they are curious to know whether or not they’ll lose their money. However, this Instant Cash App review is assuring all those who are looking for a legit software that it will be safe for all traders to pursue what the Instant Cash App has to offer.

You will need to visit their official page on website and make your initial deposit with Simon Shaw, their trusted broker. They only work with one broker as opposed to multiple ones, so your work should be easier.

Sign up from here : Join Instant Cash App

Conclusion : The Instant Cash App is not Scam

It is very difficult to trust binary options software especially if you’ve been scammed before. But on the other hand, we all agree that no money is made without taking risk on this planet. We are not saying that Instant Cash App signals are risky to rely on. All we are saying is that you must pick yourself up and ignore your doubts after reading this review. You have to try again the last time and see if you’ll lose. But we promise you that Instant Cash App signals will surprise your bank account.

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