IQ Option Blocked My Account – How To UNBLOCK!

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IQ Option Has Blocked My Trading Account – How To Unblock It?

On some forums, I’ve read traders’ statements saying that IQ Option had blocked their trading account. Since this broker belongs to my favorite brokers for binary options trading and also it belongs among the favorite brokers of our readers too, I decided to clarify this issue. I directly contacted the manager of IQ Option and we discussed the whole thing.

I asked him: is true that you are blocking accounts? He told me: ‘Yes, it can happen that we block someone’s account, but it is very rare and only happens after violating our terms and conditions.’ So let’s have a look. Do you know what might be the reason, that your trading account has been blocked?

Reasons, why IQ Option might block your account

  • If you deposit or withdraw money from your trading account using the information of another person. It is extremely important that you use your own credit cards and e-wallets to prevent money laundering. You can never deposit money to your trading account from your brother’s/wife’s/friend’s credit card or bank account.
  • Another issue is when the broker discovers that you have multiple accounts. Please be aware that according to the Article 4.2.7 of their Term and Conditions, the trader is only allowed to register 1 (one) valid account. The broker keeps the right to get the accounts blocked for the violation of their policy.
  • If you deliberately provide invalid personal information. For example, minors who provide a different date of birth.
  • When the trader refuses to provide his/her identity card to verify the account and the identity.
  • When the trader is a citizen or a resident of countries that prohibit binary options trading (USA, Australia, Belgium, Israel, Sudan, Syria, North Korea or Japan).

What to do when you cannot log in to your account:

  1. Make sure that you are entering a valid username and password combination.
  2. Check your inbox and spam trash of the e-mail linked to your trading account (you can find an e-mail with the information, why your account has been blocked).
  3. If you didn’t receive any e-mail from IQ Option, contact their customer support, which is available 24/7
    1. A) via e-mail [email protected]
    2. B) on a phone number (see below) to get the fast and qualified assistance you need.

IQ Option support phone numbers

  • +44 20 8068 0760 (London toll rate)
  • +44 80 0069 8644
  • Portuguese
  • +351 882 880 034 (Toll-free)
  • +351 308 807 766 (National)
  • +34 90 086 16 12 (Toll-free)
  • +34 91 123 87 48 (Madrid toll rate)

Important info:

  • No account can be blocked without a serious reason. IQ Option is a regulated company that can’t just block somebody’s money.
  • You have to submit your identification documents (see Identity verification below) within 7 days of registration, otherwise your account might get blocked.
  • The account holder is always informed by e-mail and warned about the intention to block the account. IQOption always explains the reasons and suggests the steps that need to be taken to get the account unblocked.
  • Once IQ Option receives the information or the documents proving that the actions of the trader were legal, they unblock the account immediately.
  • If your account is blocked and after have deposited money into your account, the money will be sent back to you automatically within a few days. However, banks might take a long time to process the refund. Especially in India, Brazil and South Africa, refunds may take up to a few weeks.

Blocking accounts without any reason is ILLEGAL and would get our platform suspended. So far the number of accounts in our system has grown to more than 15 millions. After the launch of a new, more professional and exciting products we expect a further rapid growth of new users.

Whenever you want to know detailed information on any topic, you can contact their customer support service. It often happens that people make misleading and not objective comments which are influenced by their emotional state or by other factors.

Identity verification

All brokers require some type of identity verification prior to the funds withdrawal. For example, HighLow requires a proof of identity even before initial funds are deposited. Other brokers require the proof before first withdrawal of funds. This proof consists of:

  • Identity verification (a scan of national ID, a passport or a driver’s license)
  • Proof of residence (a scan of energy bill, a bank statement or a credit card statement)
  • Credit card verification (a scan of you card, if a deposit is made with a credit card – you can hide the middle 8 numbers, of course)

You might ask yourselves what is the point of above procedure. Basically, if broker wants to be regulated, they need to have verified clients. Regulatory bodies such as CySEC require verifications to prevent money laundering or credit card thefts.

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More about the author J. Pro

Unlike Stephen (the other author) I have been thinking mainly about online business lately. I wasn’t very successfull with dropshipping on Amazon and other ways of making money online, and I’d only earn a few hundreds of dollars in years. But then binary options caught my attention with it’s simplicity. Now I’m glad it did because it really is worth it. More posts by this author

122 Responses to “IQ Option Has Blocked My Trading Account – How To Unblock It?”

i just want to say that my iq option account was not verified And Only ” Proof of identity ” was remaining I was trading in demo only next day i put my real money to trade so i was trading after sometime i got E-mail that verified your account So after then i submitted my document to iq option and my a/c verification was Done then after my iq option account still loading

when i try to open binary or digital
SHowing : (( Unfortunately at the moment there are no available assets in stock ))
i dont know WHy .

Thank you for the information… We are two roommates living together but have a single PC for the time being. What would happen if we both use same laptop but separate IQ and bank accounts ? Is it possible

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Dera Farooq, that should be alright. I don’t see a reason why this should be banned. As long as you both use separate accounds and separate funding methods.

after deposit in my account i send my id card for verification ,next day without sending me any email my acount is blocked . its really worst that such a big broker do such acts without giving any reasons . i contact there support but no response yet .

Hello, thank you for sharing this experience. Do you have any news, why they blocked your account? Let us know. Thank you.

Sir i want to play binary in iq option. I belongs to Pakistan my age is 17 years and 7 months.

binary options are not a game, so you are not playing it. It’s trading with a high risk. Before you will start trading be sure, that you have the proper knowledge.

Read our articles about trading to get into it. And before you start trading with real money, try a demo account.

All information about trading with IQ Option in Pakistan, you will find here –

Btw: You need to be 18 years old to start trading.

We wish you a good luck!

You can see that the connection to our website is slow. The platform requires good speed in order for it to work fast
June 24, 2020
and if problem is speed can you explain for me why the program and browser work normally with out any problem when i use practice account
June 24, 2020

What exactly happens when you switch to the real account?
June 24, 2020
just they hung and not response
June 24, 2020
any more so when i open phone and switch back to practice account it’s work normally
June 24, 2020

I have closed my account . What is the procedure of reopening it ? I can’t login to the same account as it is showing blocked ..please help

Dear Dibs, did you contact the custommer support? They should be ready to assist you with that!

Same me also I had close my account and I did contacted the costomer support but nothing happen only he just ask to rate the iq option apps,there’s no prompt action 2 time I ask .

Hello I keep sending email as well to to reopen again my account because I just close coz I got mistake to write my midle name by the hope that I can open again and enter my cirrect details because theres no option to edit it but that time my email was already verified .And I ask the costomer support but no action as well .

i got my national ID of recent here in Nigeria,so I used it in uploading my documents but they still keep on declining. so I’m wondering if there’s any other details they need to see in the ID?

Hello, the document you are sending for the verification must be clearly readable and all corners must be clearly seeable. The next document you need is a bank statement/energy bill/phone bill. Check out our IQ Option review – you will find there more information about the verification process.

Have a nice day.

Dear sir..i did deposit with local bank..ebanking but my balance still 0 until now..i cant send email to chat also not responding..could u help me

Hello, do you still got the problem depositing money to IQ Option or you solved it? Let us please know, thank you.

Hi sir, what is the highest amount withdrawal did you make? Because I’m only planning to withdraw once a month straight into my bank account(my local bank supports iq option and iq option has my bank name in their withdrawal page as well). I’ve heard from some traders they mentioned once you withdraw one lum sum you might face issues, is this true?

Hello, I never had any problem with withdrawing money from IQ Option, but I don’t know about what sum you are talking about. But I think it should be a problem to withdraw for example 20 000 USD.

1.Please can I submit any passport photograph when withdrawing?

2.i tried to use someone else card to deposit, but it saying error..I now realize my mistake that I should deposit with someone else my question is there any implication for this??

everything needs to be on your own name, passport or ID card and also the card with which you want to deposit.

Let us know if you need more help. Have a nice day.

My account is terminated by iq option without paying my withdrawal of $1065.27
What should I do now they denying to pay saying you are engaged in market abuse what to do?

Hello, it’s really sad to hear that. Are you still not able to withdraw your money? How do they comment the fact you can withdraw, let us please know. We will help you.

i made profit on binary i tried to wihdraw but it didnt work its been 7 days still ididnt recive my money help me get my money back

Hello, thank you for your message. It’s weird because I made a lot of withdraws from IQOPtion trading platform and I never had any problem.

Which withdraw method you used? Let us know, we want to help you.

I have a great teacher in forex/binary and cryptocurrency trading. The only man that makes me admit trading is real and I have profited more than I think with his amazing strategy

That’s great, you should stay with him ��

Am a new user, and have heard people talking about sending their details though am still working on the demo account but have not seen any information about sending my National ID card and others

Hello, can you please specify your question or your problem? Do I understand it right, that you are not able to go from iqoption demo account to the real account?

First of all, you need to have your account verified, without verification you can’t trade.

Let us know if you need some more help.

Which type of documentation is required ??and Dear All users i Want to invest money !should i do it or nOt Plz help me with this . ��

Hello Muhammad, you seem to like that you are really interested in trading with IQ Option broker �� �� Documents you need to verify your trading account are still the same.

– Identity verification (a scan of national ID, a passport or a driver’s license)
– Proof of residence (a scan of the energy bill, a bank statement or a credit card statement)
– Credit card verification (a scan of your card, if a deposit is made with a credit card – you can hide the middle 8 numbers, of course)

Hope that it will help you. Btw: you should invest your money just in case you are ready �� Do not hurry.

Hi i need help i have exceeded my login limit and i need to login again i privided the wrong email account

Hello, how is it even possible to provide the wrong email, I thought that you need to confirm the registration on the email? I recommend you to write to IQOption support.

Sir my account is blocked for my self.but presently I reopen my account.please help me

Hello, what happens, why do they close your account? I recommend you to contact the support and solve the problem with them, or let us know more info so we can help you.

Have a nice day.

Good day friends, I want to warn you strictly on this broker, please don’t ever invest with this broker because they are thieves and they stole my money.

Hello, do you have any justified allegation? Or you just hear that this broker is a scam? There are many and many people (except me) who are trading with this broker for a couple of years and we didn’t had any problem, never.

Maybe you are right, maybe now. Would it be possible to give us more info? Thank you so much.

I need to know few things. the IQ options is completely new to me. i have visited the site and tried to understand the system i know it will take some time to get a hold on it. but before i go for the real account i need to know :

1. does it work from Pakistan?
2. Can we use payoneer to deposit and withdraw funds ?

Hello, thank you so much for your answer.

1) I think that the broker iqoption should works for Pakistan traders
2) I find out that you can’t use payoneer to withdraw funds.

Instead of payoneer try to use Skrill or any other digital wallet.
I hope that I will help you with my answers. If you have any other questions let us know.

Can i able to trade in iq option by using VPN, is it allowed or restricted for trading.

Hi, I think it should be OK. Why do you need that? Please never try to disguise your real location because then you might get in trouble when you’re not able to confirm your address.

NO its not ok. its strictly forbidden!

how can one give a poof if you blocked their account already step? so to be safe we should always screenshot every log in/logout from our account to have proofs? i have heard that if you are doing good with the trading, the block your account? may i ask you sir? how do iq option profit from all of this? is it when a trader lose? or when a trader wins?

Hi Faith, it would be enough for us to see email communication, screens of blocked account, proof of depositing… Anything that could help us do something. If someone really gets scammed, I am sure there are ways to prove it.

At terms and conditions not even a single word about robots, does ti mean I can use robots?? But I read of of the forums theres an iq option manager there that robots violates their terms and conditions but theres no mention about robots on their official site.

Hi Japhet, robots were removed by IQ Option.

what happens if i invest in it at the age of 17 but withdrawing money at the age of 18?

Dear Sarthak, you can not do that! There is a condition in the TOS that you have to be 18 when signing up. Your account will end up blocked.

I somehow couldn’t log into my account, i don’t know whether someone hack it or got blocked. Please help me sir, and i already made a deposit.

Dear Reaksmey, check out this page: blocked account with iq option. It will tell you more about your problem.

You can believe whatever you want about IQoption, but the truth is they are crooks. They were to close my account out after cheating me out of 10% of my account. Upon my request my account was closed ,but as I have read from others, my money was never returned. I have contacted them and have been ignored. They are nothing but crooks and I will continue to let anyone and everyone know the truth

Dear John, thank you for sharing your story. But before we do anything, you have to prove what you are saying is wrong. You see, it happens often, that people try to blame the broker for their own fault. I have never seen any real proof of IQ Option being crooks. If you can prove it, please! Do it! If not, I am sorry, but I cant believe you – I have never had ANY problem with them. All deposits were fast, just as withdrawals.

sorry for you but I always get my money to my sweden bank takes two days no problemas her 250 dollar, out two times works good

My account is blocked.. will I be able to create new account.

Dear Vishnu, first, I recommend to send all necessary documents. Then it will be approved again.

My Account is blocked on the same day i sent my documents?

I am unable to trade and my funds are still in the account, No one is replying to my emails

Who can help me?

Dear Karin, please, try to send them a message on live support. It might take some time, they must be currently overloaded with new people flooding in.

its happened to account is blocked n nobody answer my email. All deposit lost without explaination

Dear, my account is also locked. It was locked because some-one hack my account , close my positions and try to withdraw funds.
As I’m aware, funds can only be withdrawn to same card which made a deposit and as I didn’t made deposit over e-wallet those withdrawal also are not possible.

I hope IQ will reset my account , cancel all irregular withdrawals and restore my positions.

I send all documents on support but still no answer. How long will that last?

Dear Zoran, sorry to hear that. Please, in this case, try calling them directy on their phone. This is an important thing.

I just call them. It seams that security department need some time to process and investigate the case. As account was blocked in Sunday I hope they will finish until Friday.

It’s not a problem for me to wait as long as they fix account and that all my positions are restored and all irregular withdrawals canceled.

Hi, I am sure it will be OK. Please let us know if you have more problems.

I did…they say that security department will investigate and replay until Thursday.
So wait until tomorrow to see will this be solved and my account restored.

I have submitted All of my documents in the form of picture so will that work?
Picture of my passport and bank card but still then no respond.

And my account still remains blocked.

Hi Harka – you have to wait a bit. It usually takes them a few hours or even days. Currently there is thousands of new traders coming every day, it must have slowed things a bit down. Sorry for the wait!

my account was blocked 4 days back on saturday. After that i uploaded all the required documents as told by the support staff.
still my account is blocked. Please help

Dear Abishek, when did you upload your documents? Sometimes it might take up to 48 hours to get it re-checked. Also, you can send them a support ticket, so they might do it earlier.

Iq option support very slow respons…no one care about customers

my account has been blocked, ithink it’s because i did’not send all the documents.

Can you help me recover my account or at least the money.

Thank you in advance.

just make sure you send them an email or a message on chat regarding this issue. I’m sure they will approve your account.

IQ Option has blocked my trading account. I am a VIP customer. not giving reply to my email. Please help me sir…

The bank was gone, they say they have no information about it. You ask them for proof so that we can know what it is?

Sir Bank Statement I am not getting a Chargeback show. No Chargeback Requested. Please unblock my account.

Sir you are not my help. You are not even giving reply to my email. And when I talked about it with the bank. So they do not even know about this. They say that you give me proof. Which I can show in the bank.

Pavan I have no idea what you are talking about, can you say again and word it differently?

blocked my accounts I am a VIP customer. not giving reply to my email.

IQ Option: why is my account blocked?

The number of people, who trade binaries is constantly increasing. It happens literally every day.

It is not surprising that there may be a variety of problems, issues directly related to the activity. Sometimes it even comes to the fact that the intermediary blocks the user account, and it is not clear for what reason. This, of course, worries the user, he\she wants to receive some explanations.

What should you do if it happened to you? Currently, the broker can be named one of the most promoted and popular. At the moment, the company’s services are used in many countries. The number of users has already exceeded ten million. This fact indicates a very serious scale.

Reasons and corresponding actions

Well, sometimes traders` accounts are blocked. There is always a legitimate reason for that.

It may happen in one of the following cases. Please study those to prevent your account from blocking:

  1. A trading agent uses someone else`s payment requisites to deposit or withdraw from the platform. Please note, the clients are requested to use solely their own cards or e-wallets.
  2. Suspicious transactions take or took place. They have been noticed on the account. In this case the intermediary will ask the bidding agent to confirm operations.
  3. A bidding agent has multiple accounts. Nota bene! Only one real account is permitted.
  4. A trading agent has deliberately provided false personal information. To bid on the IQ platform, the clients should provide only real personal data.
  5. A bidding agent has refused to provide official papers: a photo of ID and a credit card,- to check the account and confirm the identity.
  6. The user is a citizen or a resident of one of some countries, like Sudan, Syria, Russian Federation and countries of the EU.

One of them can be the reason if a trading agent uses someone else`s payment requisites to deposit or withdraw from the platform.

To unblock your account, check if you enter the correct login and the password details.

Check the inbox emails and spam box to check if there are e-mails there. If you find no e-mails from the IQ intermediary, it is recommended to contact it by the e-mail [email protected] It is the 24\7 help desk. Thus, you will get quick and high-qualified assistance from the expert team.

Have a perfect bidding experience with IQ intermediary!

Why IQ Option Blocks Accounts?

A very popular statement read by our traders on forums. So let’s talk about how often we actually do block accounts without the owner’s consent and why this might happen:

Yes, we do block accounts of traders. How often? VERY RARELY.

Why we block accounts:

  1. When a trader uses someone else’s payment details to deposit or withdraw from the platform. It is of utmost importance for the traders to use their own cards and e-wallets to prevent money laundering;
  2. When our financial department notices suspicious transactions on trader’s account. In such cases, we block the account and ask the owner to confirm the operations;
  3. When we detect multiple accounts. Please note that in accordance with the item 4.2.7 of the Terms and Conditions the customer is obliged to register only 1 (one) Real account with the c ompany. Thus, we keep the right to get the accounts blocked for the violation of our policy;
  4. When the account owner deliberately provides false information about his personal details, for example, this might happen with the underage customer, who set another date of birth or people who register accounts with names of their family members/friends;
  5. When trader refuses to provide his/ her documents to verify the account and confirm the identity;
  6. When the client occurred to be the citizen or resident of the USA, Australia, Belgium, Israel, Sudan, Syria, Iran, North Korea or Japan.

What you need to do if you can not access your account:

  1. Make sure that you are entering the correct login and password details;
  2. Check the Inbox and Spam folders of the e-mail attached to your trading account;
  3. If you find no e-mail from us, please contact our 24/7 Support team via the [email protected] to get the fast and qualified assistance.


  • No account gets blocked without a solid reason.
  • We always send an e-mail to the account owner to warn the trader about our intention to block the account, explaining the reason and advising the further steps that need to be taken to get the account unblocked.
  • As soon as we receive the documents or other proof of the actions being legal, we unblock the account straight away.
  • Blocking accounts for no reason is ILLEGAL and would get our operation suspended by now. So far we have grown to 15 million accounts and are expecting a further rapid enlargement once we release our new, even more professional and thrilling product.

Please contact our Support directly on any matter you wish to know about, as often people leave misleading comments guided by their emotional state or other factors, not connected to the objective reasons.

Here is where you can TRY the demo account.

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