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SignalSamurai Introduced Academy Guides

Traders that have registered and started trading with new signal provider SignalSamurai, has just published their academy section. This will help traders to learn more about new binary options software and its services.

SignalSamurai Academy

Every binary options signal provider generates binary options signals and executes them on its trading platform. Traders usually register with them because they don’t have the knowledge or the time for calculating binary options signals.

SignalSamurai is a new generation of binary options that allows traders to execute signals from the platform and have connections with more brokers at once. Most of the traders usually don’t know how to use a signal provider and because of that SignalSamurai has prepared academy section with explanations and how to guides.

The purpose of SignalSamurai academy is to share the knowledge about binary options trading and to build personal knowledge that will help traders to become successful. Trading with signal providers help traders to avoid calculating difficult formulas, but traders have to be informed about the market and adapt trading strategies in order to use the opportunity for positive results.

SignalSamurai Provides Important Guides

Traders have to be aware that signal provider isn’t 100% effective. Traders need to participate in the trading process and form a symbiosis between the SignalSamurai and financial market. This is where trading academy jumps in and helps traders become more efficient with their SignalSamurai software.

Academy provides basic guides about how to use settings on SignalSamurai platform, how to register with SignalSamurai and most important facts you need to know before you start trading with this binary options software. Traders will also find detailed articles about how to become a SignalSamurai Apprentice member which will enable them to use more trading features.

SignalSamurai – a Free Signal Provider with Ultimate Binary Signals

If you still don’t know what SignalSamurai is, you can read more about it in our detailed SignalSamurai review. The most important thing to know is that traders can have this software for free. It makes no sense in spending hundreds of dollars for signal provider products if traders can get free signals from software that generates signals for free.

SignalSamurai allows trading with more than 10 different binary options brokers which allow traders to choose preferred broker and make a deposit using secure connections on binary sites. There are no payments includes in SignalSamurai software. Traders just need to register fore free and that’s it.

Binary signals calculated by SignalSamurai are generated by advanced computer algorithms that are sent to the platform in real time. Traders have the final decision about every signal that comes on the SignalSamurai platform. This means they have to accept or decline the given signal in order to execute it. This gives the trader the ultimate power over this binary software.

About Academy

To be a guide is alright but to be the best guide ever sounds much better, doesn´t it? ��

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!
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  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders! 2nd place in the ranking!


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About Guides Academy

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SignalSamurai Review 2020


SignalSamurai is binary options signals provider that was founded by Kinjo Oda, Japanese stockbroker who claims to have vast experience in financial markets and who was employed on Tokyo Stock Exchange for a long time. SignalSamurai is delivering live binary signals that are generated after careful market analysis.

Signal Samurai review will deliver traders more information about this signal software, all important aspects of using this binary signals provider and other aspects of trading.

Website Preview

SignalSamurai Account Features

SignalSamurai signals app, according to the review, delivers several customization features that can be used for more efficient money management.

Daily Investment Feature – lets traders set a maximum amount they are willing to invest in a single day. It can be $100, or $10,000 depending on their preferences.

Daily Stop Loss – useful feature that can be used for more effective money management.

Traders can also adjust trading amounts for each of assets available – currencies, stocks, and commodities. This provides portfolio customization, and traders can personalize their trades and adjust them to trading style.

SignalSamurai binary signal provider, as noted in the review, is based on an algorithm. This algorithm implements different strategies when looking for profitable trades and trading opportunities. One strategy is available with all trading accounts. This SignalSamurai strategy is called Shumu.

  • Shumu strategy is based on buying and selling of a certain asset. Thanks to Kinjo Oda’s expertise, the algorithm can recognize market trends and deliver signals according to them and according to Kinjo’s predictions.

Additional strategies are available with Apprentice VIP Account.

SignalSamurai Trading Software

SignalSamurai is binary options signals provider that promises to deliver signals in a fast, professional, automated and reliable way thanks to an advanced algorithm. SignalSamurai was founded by Kinjo Oda and delivers exclusively signals for binary options trading. This binary signals review found out how SignalSamurai takes great pride in honoring bushido code. Samurai Bushido code is what determines all aspects of SignalSamurai business. According to Bushido code, live binary signals and services provided by SignalSamurai are righteous, courageous, benevolent, respectful, honest, honorable, loyal and controlled.

Is SignalSamurai Delivering Free Binary Signals?

SignalSamurai signal provider website is completely free of charge. Traders don’t have to pay for any signals delivered by this service that claims to be the best signal provider.

One of the main reasons SignalSamurai is a free signal provider is Kinjo’s personal attitude towards making a profit, as according to the signal provider website, he claims to believe in equality and giving the same chance to everyone.

Signal Samurai – Is there Signal Software Download Necessary?

There are many complicated software that are providing binary options signals but require download and complicated installing. SignalSamurai is a signal trader software that doesn’t require any downloads. SignalSamurai can be reached from any computer, as long as the trader knows the username and password. This way, the trader doesn’t have to carry his laptop all the time, and can use any device he has nearby.

SignalSamurai Registration and Login

Traders who want to use SignalSamurai software can easily do so by registering on signal provider website. The SignalSamurai registration form is easily accessible and can be filled within a minute.

Traders then have to deposit with a broker available on the SignalSamurai platform.

SignalSamurai – Trading with Expert Signal Provider

This signal trading software is not only free but also very fast and user-friendly. In order to see signals delivered by SignalSamurai, traders first have to register with this binary signals bot.

The signal samurai binary signals review showed how the entire process of registration is pretty simple, and traders only have to deliver basic information. Once they are registered, users have to make a deposit with one of the top binary brokers recommended by the signals bot.

Then traders can start using SignalSamurai signals.

SignalSamurai Trading Review

In the SignalSamurai review, we noticed how entire interface is very user-friendly. There is a whole set of features that are allowing customization of binary options trading with SignalSamurai.

SignalSamurai Binary Signals Trading Review

Once traders set their SignalSamurai Accounts, they can easily start receiving signals. Or Signals are available and visible on the trading dashboard. If traders aren’t on that dashboard at any moment, they still receive a small signal notification in the bottom right corner. The notification is green and very visible.

All signals are shown in neat boxes, provided by this binary signal bot. Signal samurai signal boxes contain suggested a direction, confidence factor, trading amount, broker name, expiry time, and trade button.

The confidence factor is, according to SignalSamurai review, showing how safe the signal is. Additional details are provided by the color of the confidence factor, as it ranges from green, across yellow, to red. This, along with proper understanding of risks and constant education can help traders have good binary trading experience.

SignalSamurai Support Information

SignalSamurai review showed that there is also SignalSamurai VIP Apprentice account available. Vip Apprentice account is available to all traders who make a deposit with two brokers, and who show interest for more advanced binary signals trading. For this reason, there are also two additional strategies implemented:

  • Koudo strategy is developed while taking Fibonacci patterns into consideration. Kinjo Oda uses them to predict market levels and determine market movements.
  • Akyo strategy is a strategy that relies on trading volumes. Detecting high volumes on financial markets is one of the most important strategies, and Kinjo Oda perfected it.

Traders can aslo use additional expiry times.

SignalSamurai Payment Methods

What makes SignalSamurai different from other binary options signal providers is the fact that they allow trading immediately from the platform where signals are delivered. Traders can grasp the opportunity for using different trading settings, and customize their accounts with just a few clicks.

Also, SignalSamurai platform is easy to navigate, and all signals are clearly marked with a color that indicates their safety. Traders can also follow their active trades and trading history on the right side of the platform, to make sure to follow their progress.

SignalSamurai seems like a signal provider that promises optimized trading experience alongside with good and supportive approach towards traders who rely on it. Make sure to contact SignalSamurai customer support for more information.

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Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!
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