Simple BTC Bot Review Scam Bitcoin Trading Software Exposed!

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Your Ultimate Source for The Best Crypto Robots and Signals is the industry leader in exposing and blacklisting SCAM crypto robots, fraudulent bitcoin and crypto signals, and recommending legitimate systems that actually generate profit. Scam Crypto Robots is designed first and foremost to safeguard, protect, and alert our viewers and subscribers about new get-rich-quick crypto scams which are being launched on a daily basis. It’s no secret that there is a massive surge in popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ripple, Zcash, Dash, Monero, and Litecoin. Sneaky con artists are riding the Bitcoin Wave and using the massive media coverage the new virtual currencies have been receiving to promote their fraudulent crypto scams, but our staff of diligent researchers is dedicated to exposing crypto scams and fake crypto robots and signals.

What Are Bitcoin and Crypto Robots?
Crypto robots are in essence automated trading signals or systems used to automate the trade execution process. Algorithmic trading has taken over the more antiquated trading methodologies and today account for most of the world’s trades. The designers and engineers behind legitimate Bitcoin and Crypto robots understand this and developed truly profitable automated crypto trading apps and systems. However, there are many greedy scammers looking to piggyback on the latest Bitcoin craze and provide you with fake crypto robots designed to steal your money and generate profits for the online promoters and dirty brokers who are orchestrating the scam.

Best Crypto Robots 2020

Most Well Known SCAM Crypto Robots
First and foremost Crypto Robot 365 tops the list as the most fraudulent software responsible for deceiving and misleading hundreds if not thousands of innocent would be traders looking to cash in on a legit automated crypto app. We also have to mention that this fake system is being endorsed by some of the industry’s most prominent review sites which are acting as de facto affiliate marketers and receive hefty commissions for referring customers (that’s you). Additional fake crypto robots include the Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Loophole, BTC Robot, and Crypto Edge. All of these dirty get-rich-quick crypto scams are directly responsible for ruining the lives of many families across the globe.

Contrarily there are various systems which operate and produce results. Some names to consider are Gunbot (AKA Crypto Bot), Haas Bot, Crypto Hopper, Gekko, Zenbot, CryptoTrader, Tradewave, Crypto Advantage, and Leonardo.

Regulation and Virtual Exchanges
When examining the regulatory aspects of crypto robots it is smart to look at the systems from two different perspectives. The first has to do with the ones that are integrated with brokers, and the second looks at the robots which actually trade cryptocurrencies for you and plug into currencies such as Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex, Bitfinex, or Cryptopia. In essence the software itself in both cases is proprietary and usually not patented. In this context the most important thing to check is the regulation concerning cryptocurrency trading in your legal jurisdiction. For example, traders searching for an automated cryptocurrency robot from Sweden will want to examine European regulation, and Australians looking for a legit crypto robot will want to look at what ASIC has to say about cryptocurrency trading.

Types of Crypto Robots: Brokers or Exchanges?
There are two types of robots. The first have to do with the actual investing aspect and trade real cryptocurrencies, meaning they buy and sell bitcoin in an attempt to make profit in the price margins. For example, if you buy BTC at $8,000 and sell it at $9,000 then you made a profit according to the trade size. The second ones are similar to futures trading. To be specific, you are speculating that Bitcoin or Ethereum will decrease in value so you sell a “short” contract and if it decreases as you predict then your brokerage account will reflect the margins. In other words, you are not trading the actual currency, you are actually betting on a trend and letting the trading platform act as an intermediary. There are crypto robots which cater to both types of trading, and it’s a smart move to check if the bitcoin or crypto robot that you have chosen is scam or legit. Finding a genuine automated crypto app is not a simple task as there are many fake bots out there which are being marketed as genuine systems by affiliate marketers and online promoters who wish to get a cut of the action.

What does being transparent really mean? At the end of the day the systems you choose are either effective or not right? Well, it’s not that simple as you may have guessed. Partnering with the right software means you have to factor in various aspects such as where is the signal feed originating from, what type of technology is being deployed to integrate with third party providers. Usually, a RESTful API integration is the way to integrate with CRM modules, another way is via XML feeds however most people don’t understand how the technology works and just want results and a reasonable return on their investment. Our staff checks and examines every aspect of the system including the regulatory, financial, operational, and marketing aspects. Our detailed crypto robot reviews connect the dots and assist our members to derive insights and conclusions based on our experience and knowledge in the online cryptocurrency trading environment.

Crypto Signals Or Trading Automation?
This is the question we constantly get asked and the answer is quite simple. Most people don’t have time to trade manually and understand that algorithmic or automated trading is the way to go. Some of our members are more interested in controlling their trades and wish to have their fingers on the pulse so to say, and that is why they are looking for a tested cryptocurrency signals system. Some say that there is a trade off and that ease of use is more important that executing profitable trades consistently. In reality this is not the truth as there are reliable signals as well as automated trading solutions and we showcase the best in our recommended section.

Crypto Signals on Telegram
If you are offered access to a telegram group then you should know that in most cases it is a SCAM since there is no documentation of conversations and that is a breeding ground for crypto scammers looking to sell you fake signals and get paid for referring paying customers.

Forex and Crypto Trading Strategies:
Crypto robots are essentially based on algorithmic trading formulas which have built-in trading strategies such as MACD, Trend, or Fibonacci retracements. Usually you will find that these types of crypto robots integrated with Forex or CFD brokers which is perfectly fine. However, if your software is connected to a binary options broker then you should immediately disconnect and delete all your personal information as you are surely being led awry and about to get scammed.

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Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!
    Get Your Sign-Up Bonus Now!

  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders! 2nd place in the ranking!

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FX Coin Bot Review, Is FX Coin Bot SCAM?

FX Coin Bot Review. So, is FX Coin Bot scam or legit, that’s the real question isn’t it? The FX Coin Bot trading app is advertised as a software which specializes in “deep technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis” and relies on “30 years historically proven trading strategies”. But our members really want to know the truth! So we’ll just skip the superlatives (because there are more than a few) and get right to the facts. First and most importantly, we invested €500 of our own money and managed to reach a balance of €2,075 after 3 days. So strictly based on this fact alone we are officially endorsing the FX Coin Bot scam-free app and advising our members to try it out. Secondly, while the trading dashboard highly resembles other scam systems we exposed and blacklisted, the performance levels are exceptional. Naturally we inquired about this and were told that the layout is commonly used by various software providers, but again the actual software which powers the FX Coin Bot trading platform is markedly different.

FX Coin Bot Review, Playing It Safe
We were able to generate money using this software, but maybe it was a fluke or some type of coincidence. So we asked some of our more loyal members to check it out and they all came back flush with cash and smiles on their faces. We also checked out the FX Coin Bot brokers to see if they were regulated, and found out that in all cases some type of license was present. We also checked out complaints and found out that FX Coin Bot is squeaky clean, and also has the official seal of approval from a variety of accredited review sites. What we failed to identify was all the hype and fake testimonials which are usually accompanied with various get-rich-quick schemes. Neither were we able to spot any unethical affiliate networks or media agencies which disseminate fake news articles and try to bait unsuspecting victims. In fact, quite the opposite is true and despite all our efforts we were not able to produce one shred of evidence which would lead us to the conclusion that we are dealing with a scam. Another important fact that we must mention, is that FX Coin Bot supports both Forex pairs such as USD/EUR as well as cryptocurrencies such as BTC/USD. This means you have more options and if you want to invest in FIAT currencies this system allows you to do so.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: FX Coin Bot

Executive Overview:
FX Coin Bot is a highly secure, easy to use, automated trading system which utilizes indicators and strategies in order to purchase CFD contracts without any form of human intervention. In other words its a crypto and Forex trading robot. There is no subscription fee required to join, you simply fund a trading account and get activate the software by clicking the auto-trade button.

FX Coin Bot Registration Area

What Is FX Coin Bot And How Does It Work?
As previously mentioned, FX Coin Bot is a Forex and Cryptocurrency trading robot which employs a wide variety of strategies and indicators to execute trades on auto pilot. It is primarily designed for new or amateur traders just starting out with CFDs (contracts for difference).

FX Coin Bot Signals And Trading Panel

FX Coin Bot Review, Tested Strategies Or Blacklisted SCAM?
For some reason FX Coin Bot starts off by saying that it is not a subscription-based trading platform. But that is besides the point, which is the fact that we have stumbled on to a semi-professional trading system which is endorsed by various industry-leading websites (and with good reason). According to the website, FX Coin Bot is based on three strategies: Trend, MACD, and Exponential Moving Averages. The indicators use Bollinger Bands, EMA, Stochastics and Price action movements (Ichimoku Kinko Hyo is also mentioned). They claim that the strategies have been back-tested for over “30 years of historical data”. These terms may sound a bit fancy, but after getting started you will see that they make it fairly simple and easy to understand for anyone starting out.

FX Coin Bot Settings and Unique Differentiating Features
FX Coin Bot settings allow you to manage the level of risk and select the type of strategies you wish the bot to employ. Default settings are set on conservative or minimal risk at contracts level, while you get to choose the minimum trade. As mentioned previously there are “built in” or preset strategies which you can choose to activate, however default settings are suggested for beginners as the bot is constantly optimized.

So How Is FX Coin Bot Different And Are My Wins Guaranteed?
Trading carries risk at all times and nothing is guaranteed. However, as opposed to other systems which we exposed in the past FX Coin Bot does produce results consistently and deliver as promised.

FX Coin Bot Minimum Deposit
Minimum deposit amounts range from €/£/$250 to €/£/$500 depending on the platform.

FX Coin Bot Getting Started

Step 1. Signup and make sure to enter your correct details. A valid email and phone number are mandatory for verification and security purposes. Traders who register and are not phone verified may not be able to activate the FX Coin Bot app. Phone verification has become a legal requirement so just pick up, verify your details quickly and insist on the amount you wish to invest.

Step 2. Fund your trading account.

Step 3. Activate the bot and watch your profits grow.

In some case you may be required to provide some form of documentation, but this is a standard procedure and there is no room for concern.

FX Coin Bot Sign Up

FX Coin Bot Review, Summary, and Conclusions
It’s not every day we officially endorse a software, but it so happens that this is one of those rare occasions. The FX Coin Bot scam-free trading platform is one of the few systems which has met our expectations and produced measurable and consistent profits. We invested €500 and managed to generate significant income after 3 business days, so we have decided to recommend this genuine piece of trading technology and add it to our recommended section. Again, we must say once more that the user interface is similar to systems we have blacklisted in the past, but don’t let that confuse you for a second as the results speak for themselves. Should you have any questions or queries, please make sure to reach out and message us via our social media or contact page.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!
    Get Your Sign-Up Bonus Now!

  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders! 2nd place in the ranking!

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