Stockpair Adds Binary Options Trading To Its Offerings

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Stockpair Adds Binary Options Trading To Its Offerings

Stockpair, which has made a name among the online trading community for having one of the bets pair options platform is also stepping into binary trading. The representatives of Stockpair recently announced the launch of binary trading options on its website, which will allow users to trade on an extensive range of binary options. The Stockpair platform is known for its well designed trading interface with advanced technology and flexibility with respect to trading options. The release said that the same level and quality of services can be expected from its latest offering also.

Available to Existing and New Users

The new binary options trading platform will be available to both existing and new users. Existing users have the facility of adding this platform to their trading accounts after completing the initial formalities required for binary options trading. It is very easy to set up an account even if you are a new user . After you are registered, you will have full access to all the facilities and aids that Stockpair provides its users with.

A Step to Add More Value to Stockpair

At the time of announcement, the vice president of marketing, Yoel Mann, said that the company was including binary options trading not only to expand its range of services but also to ensure that the customers can gain the maximum out of online trading. He said that the recent trends show that binary options is one of the preferred forms of online trading and will offer more value to the users of their trading platform.

Stockpair Has a Wide Range of Offerings

If you are a Stockpair platform user, you will be aware of the fact that there is no dearth of options with regard to the commodity, entity or currency trading. The technology on which Stockpair is based on has unique advantages which will help you in more ways than one. Some of them include trade control, flexibility in expiry time, and tools for technical analysis.

Stockpair is available for traders from multiple countries including the United Kingdom. You can visit the official website to know more about it.

a Complete Guide for Binary Options Trading

StockPair is an award winning binary options trading platform. This review will look at how it works, exploring the advantages and disadvantages of the platform in depth. After reading it you will have a better understanding of what StockPair is capable of, and if it is the right trading platform for you. You can then get an account to start binary options trading and making money.

Basic information:

Online since: 2020
Jurisdiction: Cyprus
Software: White Labelled Tradologic
Max Returns: 85%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Bonus: 100%
Minimum Investment: $20
Maximum Investment: $5000
Currencies: USD, GBP, EUR
Mobile: Yes
Countries: All Countries except the USA

– Easy to use and user-friendly platform
– Great customer support
– Max. return of 85%
– Relatively high maximum returns

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– no demo account offered

Binary Minery Rating:

StockPair Introduction

Revolutionized is a word that is often overused, but it applies in this situation. The industry that StockPair is revolutionizing is the binary options trading industry. Its propriety software means you can not only trade binary options but also pair options and more. This unique way of trading delivers a return that can be as much 350 percent.

Behind the scenes the platform is well-built and the customer service is excellent. In fact, StockPair regularly wins awards. Some of the most recent include awards for banking in 2020 and support in 2020.

The platform is a trading brand of the company Nextrade Worldwide Ltd which is based in Limassol in Cyprus. It was founded in 2020 and is regulated in the EU by the respected Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Very few binary options trading platforms are regulated in this way, so StockPair is in a very exclusive club. It is, therefore, a platform that is offering a genuinely and verifiably safe way for people to trade, as well as offering them a modern platform with unique tools and trading options.

One of the other things we like about StockPair is the fact they don’t impose any hidden fees or charges on users. This is a practice that is blighting the industry and that generates substantial bad press. StockPair stands out from the crowd by not engaging in this underhand practice.

Another thing that is good for account holders is the way StockPair protects money in client accounts. This money is held in bank accounts that are separate to the operational funds needed to run the business. This policy adds another layer of protection to customers as they have peace of mind. Even though it is unlikely that anything will go wrong, it is always better to have the peace of mind than not.

In terms of what you can trade, StockPair offers three options:

  • Binary options
  • Pair options
  • KIKO options

Each of these is explained in our more detailed review.

Our summary, therefore, is that StockPair is a binary options trading platform that you should try. Let’s look at it in more detail now.

StockPair Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus available at StockPair is one of the most generous you will find, but you have to deposit at least $500 to get it. When you do that you will get a 25 percent sign up bonus, up to a maximum of $20,000. There are conditions attached to this bonus, which you will find on the StockPair website.

The extras you can get don’t stop with the sign-up bonus as the more you deposit when first signing up, the better the bonus. StockPair have split their welcome bonus offerings into categories: silver, gold, platinum, and VIP. You have to deposit at least $1,000 to be eligible for these categories of bonus. With each you get the 25 percent signup bonus plus the following extras:

  • Silver for people depositing between $1,000 and $4,999 – you get StockPair’s exclusive weekly review of the market as well as trade control and strategy training
  • Gold for people depositing between $5,000 and $19,999 – you get the exclusive StockPair weekly review, trade control, and strategy training plus trade expert and 1% cash back
  • Platinum for people depositing between $20,000 and $49,999 – you get the exclusive StockPair weekly review, trade control, trade expert, and strategy training, plus 2% cash back, up to $150,000
  • VIP for people depositing over $50,000 – you get the exclusive StockPair weekly review, trade control, trade expert, and strategy training, plus 3% cash back. VIPs can also place trades worth up to $6,000 and hold up to $30,000 in open positions.

See below for more detailed descriptions of the features contained in the various bonuses:

  • Trade control – allows you to automatically manage risk by setting the maximum amounts you want to win and lose
  • Strategy training – to help you learn more about both binary options and pair options. It also offers strategy advice, techniques, and tips.
  • Trade expert – this gives you direct access to a senior and experienced trader who will give personal analysis and advice to help you maximize your return on investment
  • Cash back – this is essentially free money. It is based on the volume of your total investments in a month. For example, if you made investments totaling $10,000 in a particular month and you were on a 1% cash back deal, you would get $100 in cash back whether your trading activities were profitable in the month or not.


Summary of StockPair’s Main Benefits

  • Generous welcome bonus – qualifying new members can get a 25 percent signup bonus plus extras that includes strategy training and up to three percent cash back.
  • Industry leading binary options trading algorithm – StockPair takes a unique approach to binary options trading. This approach enhances the user experience. Its software also has a patent pending.
  • Modern and clean website – the website is informative and easy to use. It runs well on all devices.

  • Clear information – the information offered on StockPair is clear and concise. It backs all the claims it makes and information it gives with facts, and it highlights the risks of trading as well as the potential benefits.
  • Clear company information – clear details are given about the company behind StockPair. It is Nextrade Worldwide Ltd, and the company based in Cyprus.

  • Regulated – StockPair is one of the few binary options platforms that is regulated. It is registered with CySEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission in Cyprus.
  • Good reviews – the reviews from industry experts and account holders are overwhelmingly positive. Traders like the extensive list of features, ease of use, and honest approach to binary options trading.
  • The platform is secure – it uses the latest encryption technology to secure communication between your computer and its servers.
  • Excellent graphical interface – in fact, the dashboard on StockPair is probably the best we have seen in terms of layout and the information available. You have everything you need to get an at-a-glance picture of your current trades, as well as information on movements in all markets so you can make decisions on your next trades.
  • Good for beginners – the platform is packed with features and can be used by traders at all levels, but it is also suitable for beginners. It is quick and easy to learn, plus there is plenty of help content on the website. This includes help with the platform and information on how to be successful at trading binary options.
  • International users welcome – the site is available in multiple languages and is a favorite tool for binary options traders from all over the world.
  • Works great on mobile – you can’t always be at your computer when the markets are open and opportunities are available. This isn’t a problem with StockPair as it works brilliantly on mobile devices.
  • Three different trades available – you can choose to trade binary options, pair options, or KIKO options. Each one offers different benefits, varying return rates, and different levels of risk. You can use one, two, or all three in your trading strategy.
  • A demo account is available to get you started – a demo account is available to new account holders so you don’t have to risk your own money while learning how to use the platform and while developing your trading strategy.
  • Low withdrawal cap – you can withdraw as little as $20 at a time.
  • No hidden charges – StockPair doesn’t apply any unusual or hidden charges. You can simply trade with whatever you deposit into your account.
  • Multiple deposit and withdrawal options are available – you can choose from a wide selection of deposit and withdrawal options. Your account can be managed in British Pounds, US Dollars, or Euros.

  • Your money is safe – StockPair keeps separate bank accounts so that the company’s money is kept apart from client deposits. This adds an extra level of protection over your money.
  • Robust security procedures – the platform adheres to anti-money laundering regulations and has policies where the identity of all account holders has to be verified before any funds can be withdrawn. This protects the company and you.
  • The customer support is superb – the customer support team is very easy to contact and they are always friendly, helpful, and quick to respond to questions or concerns.
  • Complaints are handled professionally – StockPair has a clear and easy to find complaints procedure. All complaints are dealt with speedily and professionally.
  • Lucrative and fair affiliate program – if you want to promote StockPair to your network you can earn an income as an affiliate. The affiliate scheme is professionally run and offers generous commissions.
  • Account sign up is quick and easy – when you decide to give StockPair a try, you will find the sign-up process to be quick and easy. Within a couple of minutes, you will be into the platform and can start learning how to use it, and how to trade binary options.


As you can see, StockPair offers a number of benefits and features that you simply don’t get on other binary options trading platform. We have therefore put it on our recommended list and would encourage you to give it a try.

Additional information

Customer Service: Email / Live Chat / Phone
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch,Portuguese, French, German, Arabic, Japanese
Trading Options: High / Low, Boundary, Touch Options, High Yield Options
Assets: Currencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities
Expiry Times: 60 seconds, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours
Deposit and Withdrawal: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Bank Wire, Skrill Moneybookers
Withdrawal Time: 2 workdays or 3-4 hours with Scrill
Demo account: No, the access is available only after making a deposit

7 Binary Options

UPDATE (01.05.2020):

Stockpair has shut down their operations.

We recommend choosing one of our top binary option brokers instead:

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Min. Invest Min. Deposit Max. Returns

Try also Binary Option Robot if you are looking for automated binary trading.

Old Review:

Stockpair is an online trading company and a leader in the Binary Options and Pair Options market. It has been trading since 2020 as part of the Nextrade Worldwide family of businesses.

Licensed in the EU and regulated by one of the world’s most rigorous financial bodies, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, Stockpair’s clients can rest assured that they are protected by some of the strictest regulations in today’s world of online trading.

As you’d expect from a reputable online trading company, Stockpair is led by a team of highly experienced professionals. We found this team to be extremely well qualified to help us learn the ropes of Binary and Pair Options.

As relatively inexperienced traders, we immediately recognized that the team were eager to ensure that we were able to realize the full benefits of the services that Stockpair offers. The market-leading customer support made us feel supported every step of the way from our first trade on the pioneering Stockpair trading platform.

Basic information:

Online since: 2020
Jurisdiction: Cyprus
Software: Spockpair Platform
Max Returns: 85%
Bonus: 100%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Minimum Investment: $20
Maximum Investment: $6000
Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP
Mobile: Yes
Countries: All nations excl. USA

  • Massive range of educational materials
  • Cashback available
  • User-friendly trading platform
  • Market-leading customer support
  • Returns of up to 85%
  • Don`t accept traders from US

7 Binary Options Rating:


Their clients’ trading experience is of paramount importance to Stockpair, so they’ve come up with a very attractive bonus for clients making their first deposit. To welcome us to their Binary and Pairs Options services, the Stockpair team offered us a free welcome bonus of $500.

The customer support professionals made it their priority to ensure that we were aware of the best strategies to maximize our investments. The free $500 was a definite boost to our first tentative steps into the field of online Binary Options trading.


Stockpair offers extremely generous returns on investments. If your trade finishes ‘in the money’, as the trading world says, Stockpair provides returns of up to 85% on your initial investment. In addition, certain accounts offer cashback rates of up to 3%, boosting your profits.


Types of Accounts

Stockpair recognizes that not every online stock trader has the same needs or the same level of experience. That’s why they offer a range of accounts tailored to their clients’ needs.

Account Types

As part of our research, we took a close look at the various features offered by Stockpair accounts. We focused primarily on the Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP accounts.

  1. The Silver account – The Silver account offers clients a minimum deposit amount of $1,000 to get started. This account is primarily for beginner traders.
  2. The Gold account – Holders of the Gold account are able to deposit a minimum amount of $5,000. This account is ideal for intermediate traders, who might need the help of the complementary trade expert who comes as standard with this account.
  3. Platinum account – Platinum account holders can deposit from $20,000. Tailored to the needs of more experienced traders, who are committed to making profits, this account offers an attractive cashback rate of 2%.
  4. The VIP account – The VIP account is Stockpair’s offering to elite online traders. Account holders can deposit from $50,000. Designed to meet the exacting requirements of professional traders, this account offers cashback amounts of up to $500,000.

Do We think that StockPair is a Scam?

After having monitored StockPair for over five years, we can say with confidence that it is NOT even in the least bit a scam. Over the years we have looked into many different binary options forums and spoken to traders who have used the services. The company is apparently taking care of its traders i.e. customers and everybody is getting their money on time.

So, far we have not run into any serious complaints. The company is regulated by none other than CySec as well as other European regulators including the FCA in the UK. You can find a complete list of regulators that are regulating Stockpair by clicking here.

Updated – January 2020: It is possible to access Stockpair via two domains i.e. and Both domains show a steady stream of traffic and without any alarming spikes which is often the case with fake brokers.

However, we’ve noticed that the ”.Com” is mainly frequented and used by Europeans. 25.31% of the traffic is from France, 7.81% visitors from Germany and the UK makes up 8.66% of visitors. The ”.net” is for the most part visited by people from South Africa i.e. 12.13%.

Should Traders Open an Account with StockPair?

StockPair is one of the few brokers that we can call one of a kind in the binary options trading industry. We have not been able to find any other competing and promising broker that’s able to offer the extensive list of extras. The website is a pleasure to use and browsing through is an enjoyable experience, not to mention being easy to use.

Plus, the company offers traders who use the system above average profits compared to other brokers with an average 82% return on almost all assets. Another extra worth nothing is StockPair’s revolutionary binary trading option called KIKO. KIKO helps traders who often struggle with choosing an expiry time by entirely eliminating the expiry time.

KIKO is an abbreviation for Knock-In – Knock Out, and what this means is that the platform offers traders two choices or prices one of which is above the present price and one that’s below it. All traders need is choose the one (asset) that they think will be touched first. If it takes around a dozen hours to reach one of the targets, you don’t have to worry about that because there isn’t any expiry time, which means that it can last either 1 second or 1 day, as long as it takes to reach the target price.

The only drawback of this option is that the potential payouts are slightly lower compared to the regular Up/Down option though the difference isn’t great in our opinion i.e. 75% for KIKO and 80% for UP/DOWN.

Apart from being one of the pioneers in binary options trading, Stockpair has also been able to position themselves with a brand new bonus system that offers no restrictions on trader withdrawals which is a big problem with the industry.

The company offers bonuses which are stated as ”pending,” and are then released into the trader’s account when they have traded the required volume. It is just another point proving that Stockpair is exceptionally trader friendly.

The trading platform is very easy making it possible for even newbie traders to understand how the platform works fully. The trading experience on Stockpair is simpler and not as complicated as other binary options brokers with complex platforms. So, the question you should be asking yourself ”why you shouldn’t” instead of ”Why you should” choose the platform.

StockPair Trading Software

StockPair has made trading binary options very easy thanks to their patent pending, proprietary software. The software is one of the areas where the broker shines, and it’s why we have covered so much about the platform in this review. The charts allow traders to study the history and overall sentiment for an asset they may be interested in trading.

Unlike other platforms, the system has made it very easy to monitor trades by just taking a look at the position on the screen on the right-hand side. When you click on the Technical Analysis link, you’ll be able to pull up a chart complete with trend lines and Bollinger bands. Many traders using the platform rely on the chat tools for making informed trades because it’s just that good!

Pair Options

StockPair has an innovative and very useful feature which allows for traders to trade Pair options. The option allows traders to bet on two stocks deciding which one will do better than the other in a specific time frame. In our test, we purchased Vodafone versus BT for larger margins at 93% payout.

However, interestingly the payouts can rise to as much as 350% on an investment. StockPair has well over 150 assets which include the nine currency pairs, stocks from Australia, Europe, and America, many different indices as well as commodities like oil, silver, and gold.

Traders have the option of logging into their StockPair account from their mobile devices via their native app. The mobile app is an excellent addition for traders who want to trade when on the go or if they want to monitor trades while not in the office.

The StockPair Demo Account

The broker offers traders a demo account which is only available alongside a live account which has been duly funded. The demo account is part of their coaching process and can be had by contacting the account manager. The minimum deposit for anyone who wants a demo account is $500. However, we found that most people didn’t use the demo account because the platform is self explanatory for the most part.

StockPair Broker Information

The financial and banking system setup by StockPair is of exceptional quality. We have been very positive about StockPair as a broker, and their banking practices are equally good. Traders can benefit from instant deposits as well as super fast withdrawals. Unlike other competing brokers traders will not have any difficulty withdrawing and adding funds to their accounts.

StockPair has set the minimum withdrawal threshold very low. $20 is the minimum you can withdraw, which is excellent for newbie traders. Plus, accounts can be funded, and money can be withdrawn using Skrill (formally called Moneybookers) as well as other online wallets that offer low transaction fees.

If you have requested a withdrawal and later decide to cancel that it’s as simple as moving over to the cashier section and hitting the cancellation button right next to the ’withdrawal details’ tab. Though we’ve not tested this feature but as a whole expect withdrawals to be fast.

StockPair has said that the funds are segregated from all working bank accounts. The reason being that in the rare instance that a trader decides to stop trading, all the funds remain unaffected which makes it possible for clients to get their money back into the account. This is an entirely different setup from where brokers are using customer funds for marketing and operational purposes, and if they go bankrupt, then everybody’s money vanishes. But with StockPair the chances of them going bust is low and even if they do traders are protected.

Ever since this review was published we have learned that StockPair has stopped trading in America and have announced that CySEC now regulates their operations. StockPair is now a member of an exclusive club of sorts joining a few binary options brokers who are regulated across the world.


As you’d expect, Stockpair has a very strong range of assets to choose from, no matter your amount of Binary Options experience. These assets include:

  • commodities (gold, silver, gas and oil)
  • currency pairs (EUR/GBP, USD/JPY and GBP/USD)
  • stocks, such as Apple, Facebook and Microsoft
  • indices like the FTSE, DOWJS and AEX

In total Stockpair puts an impressive array of over 150 assets at your fingertips.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The intuitive Stockpair Platform makes it extremely easy and secure for you to deposit and withdraw money into and from your trading account. You can choose whether you would like to manage your account in US dollars, euros or British pounds and the following deposit and withdrawal methods are available:

The minimum deposit amount for a basic trading account s $250 and every transaction you make is protected by the latest security encryption protocols.

Customer Support

As you’d expect from a company that places its clients’ trading experience at the center of everything it does, Stockpair’s customer support service is second to none. It’s one of the principal reasons that make it one of the marketplace’s favourite online Binary Options trading companies. We were impressed with the helpful and supportive customer service agents who were available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Their professional support is accessible through Live Chat, email and telephone in several languages, such as English, French, Spanish and Arabic. No matter how you like to access customer support or which language you speak, Stockpair is bound to have the solution that best suits you.

You can also phone StockPair in order to get the assistance you need :

  • Worldwide +44 2030269430
  • USA +1(917)3832217
  • UK +44 2030269430
  • Canada +1(416)8001693
  • France +33 975180570
  • Cyprus +35 725025062
  • Italy +39 0699367406
  • Spain +34 911230437
  • Bahrain +973 16199853
  • South Africa +27 105003980
  • Australia +61 261710710
  • Hong Kong +85 236931492


Probably the best way to sum up our experience of trading with Stockpair would be to quote their description of themselves:

We work hard to provide you with the best trading environment.

Every contact or transaction we had with the company certainly convinced us of their focus on customer experience. Added to this, they offer some of the most competitive accounts on the market with features tailored to the needs of traders of varying skill and experience.

Professional traders are particularly well catered for in the form of the VIP account. However, novices are by no means neglected with the basic account. Offering a minimum deposit of $250, it’s the perfect way for novices to cut their trading teeth.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Stockpair, which is on the par with IQ Option and Option Robot, whether you’re a veteran or beginner trader, as their comprehensive support really will ensure that you reap the rewards of your investments. We also recommend checking out binary option robot if you are looking for making easy profits.

Additional information

Customer Service: Live Chat, Email or Telephone

Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese

Trading Options: High / Low, One Touch, Option Builder, Meta Charts, Ladder Options

Assets: Currencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities

Early close: Yes

Expiry Times: 60 sec, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hr, 24 hr+

Deposits and Withdrawals: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Bank Wire, Skrill Moneybookers

Withdrawal Time: 2 days, 3 hours with Skrill

Demo account: Yes

7 Binary Options review: StockPair : 4,5 stars.

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